This documentary, directed by German Gutierrez and Carmen Garcia, is a powerful exposé of the human rights abuses perpetrated by one of the world’s most well-known corporations. The Coca-Cola Company has been accused of kidnapping, torturing and killing union leaders in Colombia, Guatemala and Turkey who were trying to improve working conditions in their respective countries.

The directors follow labor lawyers Daniel Kovalik and Terry Collingsworth and Ray Rogers from the Stop Killer-Coke! campaign as they bring legal action against Coca-Cola for its alleged wrongdoings. According to reports, many union leaders at Coca-Cola’s Colombian bottling plants have been murdered, and hundreds of other workers have been illegally detained, tortured or kidnapped by violent paramilitaries that are often in league with plant managers.

This documentary provides an essential insight into the struggle for human rights in regions affected by multinational corporations. It brings to light the issues faced by communities living under oppressive regimes that act with impunity due to the power of corporate influence. It is a crucial reminder of why it is important to stand up for justice wherever it may be denied.

We encourage everyone to watch this documentary—it will serve as a poignant reminder of how much work there still needs to be done in terms of protecting people’s rights around the world.