The clothes we wear

Jul 21, 2023 | Economics, Environmental, Videos

In today’s world of fast fashion, consumers are constantly buying new clothes, driving an industry that is all about hyper-consumption. Marketers tout eco-friendly labels, creating a picture of big textile companies that live up to high environmental standards, but the reality is far different. The textile industry is one of the biggest contributors to environmental devastation, with greenhouse gas emissions, chemical pollution and water waste causing irreparable damage.
This documentary takes you to the textile factories where European clothes are made to uncover the dark reality of this industry. Two reporters go undercover to show how companies are taking advantage of ‘sustainability sells’, while perpetuating lies and perpetuating the destruction of our planet. Take a deep dive into the economics of an industry that has been built on creating waste and learn about the environmental repercussions that the fast fashion industry tries to conceal.

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David B