The City of Atlantis

Sep 17, 2023 | History, Videos

Naked Science: Atlantis is an intriguing documentary that takes viewers on a captivating hunt for the fabled lost city of Atlantis. Inspired by the writings of Plato, the mythical city has long been theorized to have been destroyed by a natural disaster 11,000 years ago—prompting National Geographic to explore ancient ruins in four Mediterranean and Caribbean locations. From Malta, the Bahamas, Greece and Cuba, filmmakers will assess ancient architecture both above and below the sea to find evidence of a once-superior and sophisticated civilization.

Writer Ignatius Donnelly first sparked public interest in the search for Atlantis back in the 19th century. His writing has continued to inspire generations after him with many now theorizing that a tsunami could have brought down this great city. The filmmakers use certain details from Plato’s depiction of Atlantis as a gauge to determine if any of these sites could indeed be its remains—including information about its layout and ritual practices like animal sacrifice.

Those with Nazi affiliation had their own vested interest in locating Atlantis due to believing it was home of their so-called “super race”. In more recent times, psychic Edgar Casey predicted that it would rise again near the Bahama’s Bimini Islands leading some to believe that structures discovered there may be remnants of the sunken city.

This fascinating episode of Naked Science explores this mystery through interviews with tour guides, researchers and general enthusiasts alike. Viewers will gain insight into what has kept this quest alive through present day whilst enjoying detailed accounts from those who experienced it firsthand. A unique travelogue full of wonders no doubt intended to stir one’s imagination – Naked

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David B