The Celts

Aug 2, 2023 | History, Videos

The Celts is an exciting six-episode documentary series from the BBC that first aired in 1987, with a soundtrack composed by Enya. The series dives deep into the origins of the Celts, tracing back their growth and influence to 2,500 years ago. Throughout this period of 800 years, the Celts spread across Europe with fierce determination and remarkable success; they quickly established themselves as a proud and vibrant people.

Through impressive visual reconstructions, viewers can gain a unique insight into how the Celts lived during these times. Spanning six episodes, viewers will discover how The Man With The Golden Shoes laid the foundations for Celtic nations, learn about their powerful Pagan Trinity and discover how their open-ended curve of expansion had its own momentum. Also covered is the Final Conflict between Rome and Celtic Britain and ultimately uncovering the legacy of this great people.

For those with an interest in history or those who simply want to be enthralled by an interesting story – The Celts is certainly worth watching! With its detailed narrative and captivating visuals, viewers will gain valuable insight into one of humanity’s most influential cultures.

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David B