The Case of the Poison Cheesecake | Full Episode

Aug 27, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Viktoria Nasyrova is at the center of a chilling crime story. The sensational case has made headlines around the world for its bizarre nature – using cheesecake as a murder weapon.

At the heart of it, all is Nasyrova’s plan to steal the identity of Olga, who happens to look very similar to her. In order to do so, she resorted to an audacious plan involving the murder of her victim using a cheesecake laced with poison.

Now, “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant shines a light on this incredible story. Through his investigative reporting, we get an in-depth look at the darkly twisted plot and how it spiraled out of control.

From dramatic recreations to exclusive interviews with those involved, viewers can experience this gripping narrative firsthand. All evidence and facts are laid out in detail for you to decide what really happened that fateful day when Nasyrova’s master plan was put into motion.

If you’re looking for an outrageous true crime documentary, “48 Hours” is unmissable viewing! Tune in and find out more about this unprecedented case as Van Sant reveals all on this fascinating journey into one woman’s obsession with identity theft, her lethal strategy, and why she chose cheesecake as her weapon of choice!

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David B