The Case of Jon Koppenhaver (War Machine)

Nov 22, 2023 | Social, Videos

On August 8th, 2014, an all too familiar tragedy occurred on the quiet street of Pueblo Way in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was marked by a trail of blood snaking through the houses that led to the last house on the street. That morning, the occupant of this household awoke to a pounding on their window and an accompanying scream – a sound that prompted them to call emergency services. What awaited them at the threshold was a stark demonstration of “toxic love”: abuse of power and control resulting in a horrific yet all too common conclusion.

This tragedy sparked the creation of documentary film titled “Toxic Love”, which follows the dark details leading up to that fateful day. Viewers will gain insight into how an ordinary couple can end up in such an extraordinary situation as well as learn about how to recognize patterns of domestic violence and take action accordingly.

“Toxic Love” does not shy away from exploring uncomfortable topics such as emotional manipulation, physical abuse and coercion. But it also offers hope for those stuck in abusive relationships with its inspiring stories of survivors who were able to break free from their toxic love and start anew.

Though nobody could have predicted what happened on Pueblo Way back in 2014, “Toxic Love” demonstrates how much can be done to prevent similar tragedies from happening again. We encourage viewers everywhere to watch this powerful documentary and become better informed about domestic violence: so we never forget what happened on Pueblo Way, and never let it happen again.

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David B