The business of fertility – egg donation and surrogacy in Europe |

Aug 3, 2023 | Health, Social, Videos

One in six couples in Germany cannot have children due to various reasons leading them to look for alternatives to fulfill their dream of having a family. With surrogacy and donor eggs being illegal, many couples end up seeking help from clinics abroad, who offer reproductive methods that are illegal in Germany.
Journalist, Julia Kaulbars, takes us on a journey to Greece, where German mothers can enlist the services of surrogate mothers. However, while the clinics claim that the surrogate mothers have altruistic motives, it’s a different story behind the scenes. Julia’s investigation takes her to the heart of the matter, where she exposes the harsh reality of money ruling the world of surrogacy, with some clinics and individuals making huge profits from their services.Join Julia as she explores the world of baby making, uncovering the tricks practiced by some clinics to exploit the dreams of childless couples. The Business of Baby Making raises vital questions about the ethics of the fertility industry and offers a gripping insight into the lives of people affected by it.

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