The Business of Being Born is an eye-opening documentary that takes a deep dive into the birthing industry and how it operates. The film explores the varying approaches to childbirth, from expensive hospital births with drugs and doctors galore, to home births with little more than a midwife and minimal (if any) drugs.

The film questions why the capitalist world treats childbirth as just another money-making enterprise, ignoring the miracle of bringing life into this world. It delves deeply into how different cultures approach childbirth, how medical advancements in the Western world have been applied to birth practices, and how these changes have impacted mothers’ outcomes and experiences.

The harrowing stories shared by women featured in the film show both the pains and joys of childbirth in modern society: from those who feel powerless in a system that doesn’t listen to their needs or safety concerns, to those empowered by making informed decisions that prioritize what they want for themselves and their babies.

This captivating documentary offers a unique insight into childbirth that will leave you feeling awed at its complexity and beauty. It’s an important reminder for us all to better understand our birth choices—and their consequences—so that we can make safe, informed decisions about what’s best for us during one of life’s most significant moments. We highly recommend watching The Business of Being Born!