The Burp Below - Short Comedic Documentary

  • Published 6 years ago
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When you have to go, you have to go. As simple as that. And it applies for many things in live, including burping in public places.

Have you ever been in a situation when you just have to burp, but you are holding yourself because it feels inappropriate and non-cultural to burp? What are society's norms regarding burping?

The short documentary The Burp Below is multi-award nominated comedic documentary exploring exactly those stigmas. All societal stigmas and biases surrounding flatulence.

What is flatulence? The accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal. Instead of holding it, you just need to set it free. What is scary is that holding the gas might cause health issues.

For example, we all know that we need to make babies burp after eating, and we do that to improve their digestive health. So why it is not normal for adults to burp in public? When will it be? Find out the answer to those questions in a documentary featuring regular people expressing their opinion on the matter.

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