The Burning Question

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What is the truth behind the premise “climate change affects our living”? The public’s view on the matter is contradictory. Some believe they are not affected by climate change, others are fighting to keep it under control. And how are scientists reacting to climate change, and more importantly, to the fact that our climate is unstable and there is a natural rhythm to it?

People know the term “ozone layer”, but what really happened to it? And how does it affects us? At the moment, the continent of Africa is experiencing one of the biggest humanitarian crises in decades, and it is all because of climate change.

The fact of the matter is that more than 40 million people in Africa have nothing to eat, and the food crisis is direct aftermath of climate change. Droughts in Africa are killing the population, with burning of gas, oil and coal considered major factors in climate change.

The documentary “The Burning Question” is filmed in Malawi, Africa, and Ireland, Europe. The documentary explores the link between hunger and drought in Africa, and the effect fossil fuels have on climate change.

People speaking in the documentary work in African countries, and they explain first-hand how the climate change has affected their lives and left them with little to no food.

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