The Bronze Age Collapse

Aug 24, 2023 | History, Videos

The Bronze Age Collapse is a captivating documentary that dives deep into a 3,000-year-old event and delivers an insightful account of the rise and fall of this advanced civilization.

This era, which occurred between 3000 BC and 1200 BC, was marked by extraordinary innovations that pushed the boundaries of humanity’s capabilities and propelled a flourishing economic and cultural revolution. It has long been credited to the invasion of the Sea Peoples alliance as the source of its demise, yet recent research suggests otherwise.

The documentary features nearly an hour of breathtaking visuals combined with scholarly analysis from modern day researchers. It aims to uncover facts beyond what has been traditionally accepted in order to gain a more accurate understanding of why the civilization fell apart. This includes exploring key conflicts between Greece, Assyria, the Hittite Empire and Egyptian new Kingdom; analyzing trading routes; studying power struggles between nations; learning about natural disasters that served as catalysts for human made calamity; and identifying civil unrest within each region.

This enlightening journey back in time draws heavily on Eric H. Cline’s renowned book 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapse for insights into the complex narrative behind this fallen empire. By piecing together evidence found throughout history, it offers viewers with fresh perspectives not often discussed or explored– making it essential viewing for both historians and casual observers alike.

Whether you are already well versed in Bronze Age history or just curious about its downfall, The Bronze Age Collapse is a must-watch documentary that uncovers details which will leave you spellbound until its gripping conclusion.

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David B