The Boy They Call Fish

Jul 25, 2023 | Health, Videos


Minh Anh, also known as Ka by the staff and patients of a Saigon hospital, has been living on the special ward there for many years. With a body covered in scaly, itchy, and peeling skin, Ka has become something of an institution at the hospital.

8000 miles away from Saigon is Brenda: a woman who loves Minh Anh like her own son. For 15 years she has made yearly trips to Vietnam to visit him. Despite having lives that seem worlds apart, their friendship has only grown stronger during these visits. For Minh Anh, he knows he has someone looking out for his interests; for Brenda, it’s an opportunity to remember her late husband who died young while visiting the country they both loved so much.

Now that Minh Anh is 18-years-old, the doctors are facing a tough decision: what will be best for his future? Will Brenda need him more than he needs her?

This story is explored in depth in the documentary “Ka: The Fish Boy” which follows this moving real-life friendship and its extraordinary outcome. Through beautiful cinematography and deeply personal interviews with those involved at every step of the journey, this film will take you on an unforgettable journey into human connection and hope against all odds. So don’t miss your chance to experience this incredible story – watch “Ka: The Fish Boy” today!

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David B