The Boy They Call Chucky is a powerful documentary, following the life of a family living with a child who exhibits such intense and aggressive behaviour that people have given him the nickname ‘Chucky’ – after the evil doll from the famous Child’s Play movies.

Christia, the young boy in question, has to live not only with his disruptive behaviour but also with the stigma that comes from being labelled as ‘the boy they call Chucky’. This documentary takes us on an emotional journey as we watch Christia, his family and teachers struggle to help him overcome his issues in order to live a normal life.

The filmmakers document Christia’s road to recovery, revealing how he is able to manage his outbursts through counselling sessions and by learning other coping mechanisms. Through this process we are shown how one person’s struggle for control over their own life can be both inspiring and heartbreaking at once.

This remarkable documentary offers a fascinating insight into the struggles faced by families who are dealing with behavioural issues in children. It highlights how even in seemingly insurmountable cases of aggression there can be hope of rehabilitation if the right kind of support is provided.

The Boy They Call Chucky provides an enlightening look at both mental health issues and how difficult it can be for families affected by them. It serves as an important reminder that these issues should not be taken lightly, but should rather be confronted head-on so they may be appropriately addressed. Seeing as it is full of poignant moments and inspiring stories of recovery, The Boy They Call Chucky is sure to tug at your heartstrings whilst leaving you filled with admiration for those involved in it. We highly recommend watching it!