The Bloody History of China – CIA Cold War Documentary on a Communist Empire

Jul 24, 2022 | History, Videos

The documentary that won an Emmy Awards soon after its release was written by Theodore H. White, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

Despite being an award winning documentary, the movie “History of China” was followed by tons of controversies. For starters, there were rumors that CIA was involved in the making of the movie.

In any case, the documentary was released in 1967, and follows the history of China, the communist Empire, its rise and fall. The documentary starts from the Boxer Rebellion of the Qing Dynasty and spans events through the Cultural Revolution. All in all, there are 170 years of history of the biggest country in the world.

The documentary also offers a different view on Mao Zedong, or Chairman Mao, the Chinese revolutionary that is widely considered as the father of the People’s Republic of China.

A great many people look at Mao as a visionary, a revolutionary ruler of China. Others, view him as something else, a corrupt politician who together with the government was responsible for the death of millions. Modern historians compare him to George W. Bush and Obama in their way of silent destruction of the world.

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Riyan H.