The Big Talk - Part-1 What is StartUp

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Sometimes, you do not multiple cameras, a big set, and a big budget to make a meaningful, emotionally important, and touching documentary. All you need is the people around you. And that is exactly what Vivek Rai did.

He is from India, and he wanted to know what people around him think about the country. What is going to happen next? What is happening at the moment? How is that affecting them.

Some of the important questions include “What is good life”, “How much money is enough”, “what do you fear the most”, “What do you detest”, “what is the difference between present government and past governments”, “what do you think about alcohol and cigarettes”?

And people answered honestly, thoughtfully, and emotionally. That is more than you can ask for from regular people. Do not take the documentary as a broad and general opinion of the people in India. But it is good to have a good understanding of what the people around you think. And it is definitely a good idea you can try.

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