The Big Fix

Jun 18, 2023 | Environmental, News, Political, Videos

The Big Fix is an eye-opening documentary directed and produced by Josh and Rebecca Tickell in 2012. The film follows the duo as they travel along the Gulf of Mexico coast, visiting the people whose lives were drastically changed by the devastating 2010 BP Oil Spill.

The documentary makes a powerful point: that BP has used Corexit, an oil dispersant, to create a false sense of safety for Louisiana’s beaches and the surrounding water. The presence of this chemical has had disastrous effects on both wildlife and human life in the form of seafood contamination.

Through interviews with scientists, experts, and residents of affected areas, The Big Fix paints a vivid picture of the tragedy that befell those living in the Gulf Coast region. It’s an effective portrait highlighting widespread suffering caused by corporate greed gone wrong – a sad but necessary reminder of how far Big Oil companies are willing to go for their own benefit.

To really understand how deep this disaster goes, viewers must watch The Big Fix for themselves. This documentary is essential viewing for anyone who wants a better understanding of how big business affects our environment and our lives every single day – and what can be done about it. So don’t miss out; grab some popcorn and get ready to be moved!

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David B