The Betrayal of Linda Slaten | Full Episode

Aug 22, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Jim Axelrod’s story about a heartbreaking encounter while reporting for “48 Hours” is one that will stay with you forever. It is a story of a football coach who had murdered his player’s mother, and yet still kept driving him to practice as if nothing had happened. This cold-blooded sociopathy was so shocking and disturbing that it stunned even the veteran reporter.

The tragedy of this case highlights the need for greater awareness regarding domestic abuse and the signs that may indicate when someone close to us needs help. This is why the documentary on this unfortunate case, which aired on “48 Hours,” is so important in sharing information on what can be done to prevent these horrible events from occurring in the future.

From interviews with those closest to the victim to exclusive footage of court proceedings, this documentary provides an eye-opening look at how domestic violence cases are handled, and how far away people can become when their own lives become too hard to bear. Viewers will be enlightened by hearing the thoughts of both lawyers and police involved in the case as they discuss their theories of what happened and why it escalated to such extreme levels.

For anyone interested in understanding more about domestic violence or just looking for an emotional roller coaster ride through real-life tragedy, watching Jim Axelrod’s report of this abhorrent crime should be given serious consideration. By watching it we can gain insight into a world filled with heartbreak and sorrow, but also hope that by having more understanding we can work together towards preventing future tragedies like this one.

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David B