The Beautiful Truth

Jul 27, 2023 | Health, Videos

The Beautiful Truth is a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the power of diet and natural healing. The movie follows the story of 15 year old Garrett, who was raised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska and became interested in dietary habits of their animals. After his mother’s death, his father assigned him a book by Dr. Max Gerson that proposed a link between diet and curing cancer.

Spurred on by curiosity, Garrett went on a cross-country road trip to investigate Gerson Therapy more closely. He met with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who shared how the multi-billion dollar medical industry often tries to dismiss alternative or natural cures — denying people access to potentially life-saving treatments.

Gerson Therapy is an intensive nutritional treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases that many would consider unreachable. It consists of a strict fat-free, salt-free, low-protein and vegetarian dietary regimen based on large quantities of fresh vegetable juice, supplements and detoxification processes developed by Dr. Max Gerson himself; it has been said that more people live off cancer than die from it thanks to the work of him and his daughter Charlotte Gerson!

The Beautiful Truth is an inspiring piece of work about the power of natural healing — one that gives us hope when faced with grim health conditions. We highly recommend watching this documentary to learn more about the potentials of alternative treatments for all sorts of ailments!

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David B