The Bank of God

Jan 3, 2023 | Religion, Videos

In July, 2013, amid the Pope‘s visit to Brazil a letter was conveyed to his secretary. However this was not a standard letter. It has been sent from the jail Regina Coeli in Rome and tended to the Holy Father himself. On July 25th, the Pope’s appointment in San Paolo was stirred at sunrise. An issue came up at the Holy See.

The letter was not simply a plain letter, it was not sent by any of the numerous detainees who compose consistently to the Pope to request solace. The sender was Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, a devout cleric who drives the extraordinary segment of the bookkeeping at APSA – the power which deals with the entire patrimony of the Holy See. He is an extremely compelling figure, not simply a normal cleric.

Scarano is likewise extremely surely understood at the IOR – the Institute for the Works of Religion, regularly known as the Vatican Bank. When he composed the letter to the Pope, Monsignor Scarano had been in prison for a month with the charges of gift, defamation and government evasion.

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Riyan H.