The Ancient World

Jun 29, 2023 | History, Videos

“The Ancient World is an incredible journey through history, and one that is brought to life by historian Bettany Hughes in her acclaimed seven part documentary series. Originally airing on British television station Channel 4 over the course of eight years, this remarkable series brings to light a number of fascinating insights into what life was like throughout various ancient civilizations.

Through Hughes’ exploration, viewers are taken on an unforgettable adventure as they explore the architectural wonders of Rome and Greece, delve into the mysteries of the pyramids in Egypt, and discover forgotten realms such as Babylon, Persia and Carthage. Along the way, Hughes provides detailed accounts of how these ancient worlds shaped our understanding of today’s world. With each episode unveiling new knowledge about topics such as religion, culture and architecture, The Ancient World offers a captivating insight into a complex era.

For those with an interest in history, The Ancient World is not to be missed. Through its engaging narrative and stunning visuals, this unique documentary series provides a comprehensive overview of the key developments that shaped our world – making it both educational and entertaining for viewers of all ages. So don’t miss out – get ready to embark on an exciting journey through time with The Ancient World!”

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David B