The American Dream

Jun 26, 2023 | Economics, Videos

The American Dream is a compelling animated documentary that explores the grand promises and schemes of the American government system. Through the lens of history, this film unravels the truth behind some of our nation’s most powerful institutions and shows how they have been taking advantage of the public for far too long.

This 30-minute documentary takes a deep dive into the ways in which banking, finance, and other systems have been manipulating citizens for their own gain. From inflation to housing prices to money creation, viewers are taken on an eye-opening journey through our nation’s complex inner workings.

The American Dream is packed with thought-provoking insights from civic leaders throughout history. It traces their warnings about our current financial system and encourages viewers to question what they trust – and why. With hard facts and entertaining animation, this film will leave viewers asking important questions about who we are entrusting with our money – and why it matters.

This is an essential watch for anyone who wants to understand how we got here – and where we might be heading next. The American Dream paints a stark picture of our nation’s current state of affairs while offering hope that change is possible if we become more informed citizens. So don’t miss out – join us on this powerful journey as we uncover hidden truths, set forth on a path towards real solutions, and take back control over our collective financial future.

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David B