The AI Race

Jun 21, 2023 | Technology, Videos

ABC’s Lateline recently released a one-hour special dedicated to examining the implications of artificial intelligence on future jobs. The documentary reveals an unsettling reality – AI is rapidly changing the way we work and leading to unprecedented levels of disruption in the labor market.

Veteran truck driver Frank Black and law student Christine Maibom lend their personal narratives to this conversation, presenting two different sides of a modern struggle. Both fear AI will take away their jobs and replace them with robots or algorithms.

But beyond these worries, Lateline also speaks to pioneers in the field who are optimistic about AI’s potential. Google Reach Director Peter Norvig is considered an icon among AI researchers and Professor Toby Walsh, one of Australia’s leading AI scientists, suggests that we should carefully consider whether limits should be set on how artificial intelligence is developed and used.

This hour-long documentary from ABC Lateline is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding what lies ahead in our rapidly changing world. With insightful interviews and informative data analysis, this film provides a thorough overview of how AI may impact our lives in the near future. Don’t miss out!

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David B