The Age of Stupid

Jun 21, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

The Age of Stupid, a British documentary released in 2009 directed by Franny Armstrong (McLibel), is an eye-opening look into the devastating effects of our current climate crisis. The movie is semi-dramatized, featuring the renowned actor Pete Postlethwaite portraying a man living alone in a future world of 2055 destroyed by global warming. As he watches archived footage from the turn-of-the-millennium, Postlethwaite poses the heartwrenching question: “Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?”

This documentary explores how we, as humans, have failed to act on climate change before it was too late, and how this could lead to a catastrophic future if we don’t take swift action now. It highlights real-life stories from all over the world – from India to New Orleans – that show what happens when rising global temperatures are not taken seriously. It also examines our reliance on dirty energy sources such as oil and coal rather than renewable ones like solar and wind power.

The Age of Stupid has been praised for its powerful message and urgent call for action on climate change. It has won numerous awards including Best Documentary at The Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2009 and Best Feature Documentary at the Raindance Film Festival in 2008. Whether you’re new to environmental activism or have been working towards sustainable solutions for decades, The Age of Stupid will undoubtedly leave you feeling inspired and motivated to do more to protect our planet’s future. So be sure to watch this emotionally charged film now and help spread awareness about the dangers of climate change before it’s too late!

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David B