The Age of AIDS

Jun 16, 2023 | Health, Videos

The Age of AIDS is a four-hour documentary, released on the 25th anniversary of the first diagnosed cases of AIDS, that examines one of the worst pandemics in human history. To date, some 30 million people worldwide have died from AIDS and over the next decade an estimated 40 million more will contract HIV. This series takes a close look at why humanity has failed to stop the spread of HIV and documents its journey across the world.

The documentary features interviews with key figures in fighting against HIV/AIDS, such as scientists Dr. Jim Curran and Dr. Anthony Fauci from Centers for Disease Control and National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Diseases respectively; political figures such as former President Bill Clinton, U2 front man Bono and evangelist Franklin Graham; and activists Cleve Jones (creator of AIDS Quilt), Noerine Kaleeba (founder of Africa’s first AIDS support organization) and Mechai Viravaidya (the “condom king” of Thailand).

The Age of AIDS gives us an insight into how a mysterious agent exploited our frailties – sexual desire and drug addiction, bigotry and greed – to spread itself across the globe. It highlights how political denial and social stigma added to inadequate prevention campaigns exacerbated the situation.

This powerful documentary is essential viewing to understand one of the most important scientific and political stories of our time. We can not continue just treating those who are infected – we must curtail the spread if we are to end this global crisis. Watch The Age Of Aids now to gain invaluable knowledge about this global phenomenon, so that we can make informed decisions about our future actions in fighting HIV/AIDS together as one human family.


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David B