The 46 Year Pregnancy

Jun 15, 2023 | Health, Videos

As one of the oldest recorded cases of a ‘stone baby’, doctors in Morocco were stunned to discover a living baby nestled within the body of a 75-year old woman. After undergoing an ultrasound scan, radiologists were astonished to find that this bizarre mass was in fact a 46-year-old foetus.

This remarkable phenomenon occurred when the elderly woman had been suffering from stomach pains for years and went to seek medical help. The incredible case has become known worldwide as it is unlike anything seen before and has been featured in documentaries such as “Mysteries of the Human Body” which reveals further details about the situation.

The findings made by Moroccan medical experts are really quite mesmerising; an unborn child can remain undetected until adulthood due to an extremely rare medical condition known as ‘lithopedion’ or ‘Stone Baby’. It refers to calcification of a foetus which had developed outside of the womb due to ectopic pregnancy and died without ever being born. It is thought that this particular case may have been caused due to her taking contraceptives at an early age which led to her developing the stone baby after several decades.

Such unique cases are extremely rare which makes for interesting viewing when examining this peculiar story through documentaries like “Mysteries of the Human Body”. So if you’re intrigued by unusual phenomena or simply want to learn more about this amazing medical discovery then be sure keep your eyes peeled for these exciting shows!

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David B