Testosterone: The Making of a Man

Nov 10, 2023 | Health, Videos

Testosterone: The Making of a Man, the DW Documentary series, delves into the subtle and varied effects of the most important male hormone. Examining this essential hormone more closely reveals a far richer understanding of what it means to be a man.

For too long testosterone has been defined by superficial labels like aggression, boldness, and brawn that fail to capture its complexity. Testosterone drives both physical and psychological development in adolescent boys. It fosters growth in height and muscle mass while also influencing their brain chemistry in ways that shape the way they think and feel.

The documentary dives deeper into this complex relationship between body and mind, exploring how testosterone plays an integral role in forming personality traits such as ambition, risk-taking behavior, confidence levels, impulse control, social interaction skills, and even physical expressions of emotions like smiling or laughing.

The film also investigates some of the myriad implications for women regarding testosterone levels in men – from fertility problems to skewed gender roles. It compellingly examines the pros and cons (particularly with regards to health) associated with artificially increasing testosterone levels in men later in life.

Testosterone: The Making of a Man strikes a perfect balance between scientific insight and real-life stories to showcase just how much impact this hormone has on our lives – both socially and individually. We urge all viewers to watch this insightful documentary to gain an enlightening perspective on what it means to have a healthy level of testosterone as well as much greater understandings of its therapeutic applications.

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David B