Tesla and Elon Musk – the future of electric cars

Jun 21, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

The race to dominate the market for electric cars has entered a critical phase. Elon Musk’s crown jewel, Tesla, initially left major car brands far behind, but the competition has become tougher. With its new electric Taycan model, Porsche is aiming to unseat Tesla from its pole position. But this documentary reveals that Porsche’s ambitions go beyond mere market dominance.
The film uncovers how much German technology is hidden in Tesla models and how both Musk and new Chinese competition are betting on German expertise. It reveals how dangerous a new electric Porsche could be for Tesla and how major car brands have another trump card to play. Seen through the lens of a new kind of Cold War, the cat-and-mouse game between Tesla and Porsche takes on a geopolitical dimension. Don’t miss this thrilling documentary, where the future of the car industry is at stake.

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David B