Tears In The Fabric

Nov 20, 2022 | People, Videos

After the Rana Plaza disaster, the producers Richard York and Hannan Majid found themselves in Bangladesh once again in order to make their second film on the predicament of article of clothing specialists.

The film watches the toll the debacle has tackled one lady named Razia Begum. She lost both her girls and her child in-law in Rana Plaza and now battles to look after her two surviving stranded grandsons, who have been left without money related backing. While needing to grapple with a tremendous individual misfortune, the disaster rendered Begum and her grandsons destitute – the consequence of losing her family’s work.

Begum is yet to get any budgetary remuneration from processing plant administration or the real brands. She moves from safe house to asylum every night, with eight-year-old Bijoi and six-year-old Parvez, while battling for pay from the brands included in the fiasco. Raising and instructing her grandchildren, she scans for determination and answers, through dissent in the city of Dhaka and amongst the rubble and torn fabrics of Rana Plaz.

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Riyan H.