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Bottled water is common in America. Most people buy it over drinking tap water. However how does this multibillion dollar industry make so much profit? It is simple bottled water is the same as most tap water. Through advertisement and convenience bottled water companies have sold us municipal water. This film examines the true costs of the bottled water industry.

The documentary Tapped is a must-watch for everyone, given the issues highlighted by the film.

The film examines the functioning of a bottled water industry and its impact upon climate change, pollution and the health of the consumers of the bottled water.

The director deliberately keeps the major companies like Coke, Pepsi out of the frame and focuses on the manufacturing and disposal of these bottles and also the impact these bottled water have on ordinary citizens.

The information presented in the movie is beautifully represented and extremely useful which will force the audience to rethink about bottled water industry.

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