As a young man, Steve Donahue crossed the Sahara Desert overland. He wrote a book his pilgrimage to Sahara, and the book sold only 300 copies. He then lost his motivation to move forward, and started drinking. Soon after, his marriage ended.

And then his publisher called, which was the best thing that could happen. Steve was a motivational speaker, but lost his motivation. How can someone who has lost his motivation, motivate others. That is the question you need to ask, but Steve makes it possible.

Years after, Steve is one of the better known motivational speakers around the world, a bestselling author has worked with more than 500 of the world’ best organizations. His goal is to revolutionize and change leadership in companies, igniting employee engagement.

What makes a good leader? According to Steve, a good leader thrives in constant change and is completely engaged in his/hers journey.

“Take my Advice, I Can’t” is a documentary, a motivational video by Steve, telling his story: how he lost his motivation, and how he regained him. Sometimes, we can learn on other people’s mistakes. We do not need to make our own. This is such mistake. Learn from Steve.