Taiwan: Learning from Ukraine

Jun 16, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine between Russia and its pro-Russian separatists has become a source of inspiration for many Taiwanese looking to stand up to Chinese aggression. In the face of increasing political and military pressure from China, many Taiwanese are taking matters into their own hands and learning how to defend themselves against potential attack.

The documentary ‘Taiwan’s Ukrainian Moment’ tells the fascinating story of how Ukrainians have been able to successfully resist Russian aggression, despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned. This inspiring example is serving as a powerful motivator for those in Taiwan who are preparing themselves for the worst-case scenario of an armed Chinese invasion.

More and more people are joining urban warfare classes, learning civil defense techniques, and taking steps to make sure that they can stay safe in case of an attack. From renovating existing bomb shelters to developing underground bunkers, these acts of self-preservation demonstrate just how serious the situation is becoming in Taiwan.

The documentary ‘Taiwan’s Ukrainian Moment’ takes a deeper look at this trend, offering insight into why it’s happening and discussing some of the controversial tactics involved—such as arming civilians with weapons—that have divided opinion across the island. Through interviews with experts on Taiwan’s security situation as well as everyday citizens, this incredible film gives us a unique perspective on what it means to be facing down an increasingly hostile superpower like China.

It’s clear that Ukrainians have provided an invaluable example for Taiwanese people wanting change in their country through peaceful resistance—even when faced with overwhelming odds—and we urge you to watch ‘Taiwan’s Ukrainian Moment’ so that you can draw your own conclusions about this remarkable story.

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David B