Syria: Saving the Past to Build the Future

Jun 18, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

The citizens of Raqqa have seen more destruction and devastation than any other city in the world. After years of occupation by the terrorists of the so-called Islamic State, who conquered Raqqa in 2014 and named it their self-proclaimed ‘caliphate’, Arab-Kurdish forces supported by the international coalition were able to drive out the IS. But this came at a cost, with much of the city reduced to rubble after air strikes against jihadist positions.

Despite these appalling living conditions, some residents of Raqqa have decided to fight for the reconstruction of their destroyed cultural heritage. Their first project was the restoration of the city museum, which had been looted or destroyed by ISIS prior to its liberation. It is an incredible story that has inspired a documentary titled ‘Raqqa: A Tale Of Resilience’.

The documentary takes us on an inspiring journey as we explore how Syrians are determinedly reshaping their future despite all odds. We see how they are reclaiming lost history and restoring damaged buildings in order to rebuild what was taken from them by ISIS. We also get insight into how their efforts are helping to build peace and create a brighter future for all citizens of Raqqa—a future that is free from violence and oppressive ideologies.

This documentary provides us with invaluable knowledge about life in Raqqa today and a valuable reminder that our resilience will always be stronger than adversity. We invite you to watch ‘Raqqa: A Tale Of Resilience’; it is a heartwarming tale about resilience, courage and hope that will stay with you long after viewing it.

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David B