Syria: Child Workers in the Oil Industry

Jun 11, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

For over a decade, the Syrian civil war has wreaked havoc on the country’s infrastructure and oil sector. With massive refineries destroyed, production of fuel has been taken over by small makeshift operations scattered throughout the country. In these operations, children refugees are often employed under egregious conditions—a situation that is not only inhumane but also pollutes the environment with hazardous waste.

These conditions have been documented in a new documentary film titled “Oil and War: The Refugee Children of Syria” which chronicles the plight of refugee children working in these refineries. Through first-hand interviews with workers, their families, and experts, this documentary paints an evocative portrait of the desperate conditions many Syrians face every day.

The harsh reality for refugee children in Syria is one too often overlooked or forgotten amid the chaos of war. To help bring attention to this issue and to display it in all its complexity, “Oil and War: The Refugee Children of Syria” offers an intimate look into a world otherwise inaccessible. This film gives us a unique insight into the everyday lives and struggles faced by those affected by this conflict—from dangerous work environments to limited access to healthcare and education.

We urge viewers to take part in this important conversation about human rights abuses taking place around the globe today by watching “Oil and War: The Refugee Children of Syria” and learning more about how we can help make a difference.

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David B