Syria and Ukraine: The Same Fight?

Jun 14, 2023 | Conspiracy, Military/War, People, Political, Videos

In the Idlib region of Syria, a devastating 11-year war has taken the lives of at least 500,000 people and left many Syrians desperate for freedom and democracy. Yet even in this last enclave held by the opposition to Bashar Al Assad, many are watching with hope as events unfold in Ukraine – for they know that their own future also hangs in the balance.

It is perhaps no surprise then that a new documentary focusing on the plight of Syrians in Idlib is making waves across international platforms. Directed by acclaimed Syrian director Yasir Suleiman and produced by renowned filmmaker Orwa Nyrabia, ‘Idlib: The Last Show’ follows the harrowing stories of nine people caught up in and affected by the war. While giving viewers a unique window into ground zero of Syria’s conflict, it also sheds light on how civilians have been impacted by years of violence and displacement.

The documentary highlights several issues facing Syrians today, from human rights violations to lack of access to healthcare and education. It invites viewers to empathise with those who have been forced to flee their homes and the double tragedy of being unable to return home because of an ever-present threat from both sides of the conflict. It also serves as a stark reminder that those fighting for freedom and democracy elsewhere must not forget those still struggling for these rights within Syria’s borders.

We urge you to watch this powerful documentary which gives voice to Syrians suffering under an oppressive regime that has inflicted untold damage on its own people over decades. Your support can help bring attention to their plight, while also sending a message that injustice anywhere is unacceptable – including in Idlib, Syria.

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David B