Swimming with the Smiths

Oct 30, 2022 | Lifestyle, Personal Triumphs, Sports, Videos

For years, Janice and Judith Smith were respected and successful international swimming referees. Their love for swimming and refereeing dates back to their parents, and the two identical twins continued the family legacy.

Few years ago, the pair decided to put an end to their career in refereeing, and enjoy their life of retirement. To do that, they started expanding their family of cats.

Judith and Janice have an interesting hobby. They collect dolls and crafts from every country they’ve went to. As for their success, the fact that they officiated the Olympics in Athens in 2004 speaks volumes.

The twins know every doll and its origin and story, and now spend their days cooking and spending time with their families. See how this successful officiating pairing transformed from a busy sporty lifestyle, to a more relaxed and laid back lifestyle. Their special connection is evident in the video.

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Riyan H.