Swimming the length of the Danube

Nov 3, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

Chemistry professor Andreas Fath is on a mission to raise awareness about plastic waste by swimming the length of the Danube, from the source in Germany to the Black Sea. This feat is more than just a PR gimmick because every day, Fath’s team collects water samples to analyse for microplastics, tire fragments, and drug residue. As pollutants, these have decimated biodiversity in the Danube and wreaked havoc on human immune systems.
The stakes are high for Fath, who is an enthusiastic competitive athlete, as he would rather swim in clean waters. Join Carola Grau and follow Andreas Fath’s journey in the documentary as he fights for the Danube’s health, people, and the environment. With every stroke, he highlights the vital role that strength training can play in sustaining improved speed and performance, especially for a long-distance swimmer.

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David B