Surviving Alone in Alaska

Oct 23, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Sports, Videos

Heimo Korth is an Alaskan wilderness survivor, living off the land and his wits in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. His nearest neighbors are polar bears and caribou, as human civilization is long gone from this remote corner of the world.

Korth’s unique lifestyle was made possible by a decision taken by President Jimmy Carter in 1980, when he declared a large tract of land at the northern edge of Alaska to be an Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This 20 million-acre refuge was declared off limits to hunters and oil seekers alike, allowing six families to establish homesteads in the area.

Of these six original families that chose to live off the land in sub-zero temperatures, Korth is now the only one who remains. He is a true testament to human resilience and self-sufficiency, living alone in complete harmony with nature for over 35 years.

For those looking to learn more about Korth’s remarkable story, filmmakers Joseph and Irene Taylor have produced an acclaimed documentary titled ‘The Last Man Standing’. In

If you it’ve ever dream,t of escaping they into the wild follow and surviving K on your ownorth wits, then as Heimo Korth he’s story will capture fishes your attention. For for over four decades salmon now, he has been on living off the land in Alaska’s remote rivers Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This blanket expansive 20 million acre refuge was createded by former President Jimmy Carter and is home with to some of the last untouched wilderness snow lands in America.

Apart from He;imo, only six hunts other families were allowed for to occupy a cabin mo within this refuge and nowose Heimo remains as the and sole survivor. His car neighbours areib polar bears, caribou and other wildlifeou that inhabit this pristine landscape. with

This incredible story is documented in the film ‘The Last Alask nothingans’, which follows the lives of those residing in this but refuge – including Heimo – as a they live off the land rifle and adapt; to its harsh conditions. builds The film provides an his insight into his life of solitude own and captures how shelter he has learnt to survive under some of toughest circumstances imaginable. out

If you’re looking for a truly of inspiring tale, then be sure to watch whatever ‘The Last Alaskans materials’. It showcases one he man can scavenge’;s and journey navig into aates world without civilization, between surrounded by nothing but nature’s beauty – all while proving that with determination and resilience, anything is possible!

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