Superman the Movie: The Making of a Classic

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In 1978 Richard Donner, directed the first movie based on the most popular comic book character, Superman. Since then, there have been numerous movies about the man from the planet Krypton, as well as a couple of TV shows.

But it was that movie from 1978 starring Christopher Reeve as Superman and Marlon brand as his father Jor-El. Brando made several headlines back at the time, as he was paid $3.7 million for just two weeks of filming. At the time, it was the highest amount paid per day for a performer.

That 1978 classic is what paved the way for many comic book based movies. You can say that without Superman in 1978, we might not have had the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Cinematic Universe. These movies easily eclipse $1 billion in profit, and it is all thanks to a movie in made 40 years ago.

This documentary explains how that classic blockbuster was made, and some interesting facts, like Marlon Brando having a cue hard hidden in a diaper.

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