Struggling to provide care: doctors in Malawi

Dec 7, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

Life at the state-run hospital in the city of Zomba is a harrowing experience. There’s just one doctor on duty, and everyone else, from nurses to medical students, must handle medical emergencies on their own. With a sense of duty and responsibility forged by necessity, they face the hordes of patients seeking care with stoic determination, making every effort to alleviate suffering.
The hospital lacks organization and often medication.  The clinic only has a staffed ‘Outpatients Department,’ where patients frequently crowd in with the seriously injured. The hospital is facing a crisis, and the doctors’ responsibilities are piling up. Panic-stricken families drag in emergency cases almost every day in their desperate search for help, but with the shocking lack of resources, patients end up crammed together in hallways and lying ignored on the floors. These overwhelming problems are laid bare in our upcoming documentary as we follow the dedicated and heroic staff of the hospital in their constant uphill battle.

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David B