Stress, Portrait of a Killer

  • Published 6 years ago
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You’ve heard the saying “Stress is killing you”. Nowadays, in our dynamic society, stress has become the No.1 killer. Not even AIDS/HIV, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases are as dangerous as stress.

But exactly how much and how stress is killing you? Let’s look at the statistics for a moment. According to data, one in five Americans experience extreme stress on a daily basis. In the past few years, three out of four doctor’s visits have become stress-related. The risk for stroke increases by 50% if faced with regular stress, and the risk for heart attack increases by 25%. Nearly half of people under stress end up overeating, or eating unhealthy foods.

Every year, America is paying nearly $300 billion in stress related ailments. If that number doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

That being said, what can you do to prevent stress? The documentary takes a look inside the “curious case of stress”, the negative effects it has on your body and spirit, and how you can prevent stress.

While there is true that some people in certain job positions cannot eliminate stress no matter what they do, there is always a way.

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