Storm of Suspicion | Full Episode

Aug 6, 2023 | Crime, Videos

For over three decades, CBS’s award-winning documentary series “48 Hours” has been providing viewers with riveting investigations into the most compelling crime and social justice cases from around the world. Through its extensive research and thorough reporting, “48 Hours” has helped to expose injustices by exonerating innocent people convicted of crimes they did not commit, leading to the reopening and solving of cold cases, and ultimately changing lives for the better.

With its unique blend of gripping storytelling, exclusive interviews with key players in each case, and a commitment to uncovering truth and delivering justice, 48 Hours is more than just a weekly documentary TV show – it is an eye-opening journey into humanity in all its facets. From tales of revenge and deadly obsession to tragedy rooted in poverty and despair, “48 Hours” offers a window into issues that affect us all on both an individual and collective level.

Whether it’s exploring corporate greed or shining a light on racial inequality, “48 Hours” provides viewers with unique perspectives on crimes that span every corner of the globe. An entertaining yet thought-provoking watch experience that encourages critical thinking while also causing you to sit at the edge of your seat – there truly is no other show like it on television. So if you’re looking for insight into how our criminal justice system works or simply want to be entertained by some captivating true stories that will stay with you long after watching – then tune in every Saturday night at 10/9c only on CBS for 48 Hours!

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David B