Steven Seagal - The Path Beyond Thought

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Steven Seagal was one of the most famous action heroes in Hollywood in the early 90s. His fight scenes were a form of art, and there is reason why he was so genuine and persuasive.

Before he was famous, Seagal had a day job of training aikido and other martial arts. At the early age of 22, Seagal met Miyako Fujitani, an aikido instructor, and he fell in love with her. One year later they moved to Japan where they married, and Seagal became an aikido instructor when his father-in-law retired.

During his time at the Tenshin Aikido in Osaka City, Seagal was known by his students as Take Sensei. When he moved to Los Angeles, Seagal opened an aikido dojo, and it was there he was noticed by some of the Hollywood directors.

The Path Beyond Thought documentary shows Seagal in his early days, when he was teaching aikido at the Tenshin Dojo in Osaka, as well as his early days in America. Featuring interviews with some of his former students, the documentary paints a perfect picture of one of the best action heroes in Hollywood, and how committed he was to the art of aikido.

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