Stealing Africa

Oct 12, 2023 | Economics, Videos

Zambia is a country famously known for its abundant copper resources, yet this resource has failed to bestow it with riches. The corporations that own the majority of these copper mines have made out well in the past decade, extracting an estimated $29 billion worth of copper. Despite all this, Zambia has been ranked as one of the twenty poorest countries in the world.

This state of affairs serves as the backdrop for the new documentary, “Exploiting Zambia: How Copper Mines are Leaving People Poorer Than Before”. Through interviews with miners and corporate leaders, statistical analysis and archival footage, viewers get an intimate impression of how miners’ efforts are not translating to improved standards of living. Instead, many struggle for basic necessities such as clean water and medical services.

The documentary does not shy away from the difficult questions surrounding Zambian mining efforts. It seeks to uncover what corporations are doing with their profits at the expense of locals’ wellbeing. There is also a focus on potential solutions for improving working conditions and providing communities with more benefits from copper extraction as well as other minerals mined in Zambia.

We invite you to watch “Exploiting Zambia: How Copper Mines are Leaving People Poorer Than Before” and find out more about how corporate greed has had devastating effects on people’s lives in this beautiful African country. With a deeper understanding of this issue, we can strive towards creating a better future for everyone affected by unethical practices in mining operations.

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David B