Sri Lanka in Crisis

Aug 4, 2023 | Economics, Environmental, Food/Drink, People, Social, Videos

The island nation of Sri Lanka is suffering from an immense and deepening food crisis. With 80% of its population living in poverty, the country has been in a state of economic decline for the past three years due to an ever-increasing debt owed to both China and India. This has only been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic which has further crippled Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

For nearly two decades, the country had been under the rule of the Rajapaksa clan whose policies have caused further economic decline and depravity. The Rajapaksas ignored warnings from economists and refused International Monetary Fund aid, leaving the country with empty coffers and destitute farmers. In January 2020, after months of protests from Sri Lankans demanding change, the Rajapaksas finally fled in fear.

In light of this crisis, Bhavani Fonseka, a renowned human rights lawyer and associate professor at Colombo University is releasing a first-of-its-kind documentary detailing the perilous financial situation in her home country. This groundbreaking film shines a spotlight on those affected by the Rajapaksas’ mismanagement—from small business owners to everyday citizens struggling to make ends meet. Through interviews with local experts and compelling archival footage, Fonseka immerses viewers into Sri Lanka’s long struggle against poverty and injustice.

Fonseka’s expertly crafted documentary paints a vivid picture of life in Sri Lanka today—one where people are robbed of basic necessities like food, shelter and healthcare—and offers insight into how we can help our neighbors across the world who continue to suffer needlessly at no fault of their own. We encourage you to watch this eye-opening film for yourself so that you can witness firsthand this dire humanitarian crisis that needs immediate global attention now more than ever before.

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David B