Spice Girls: Giving You Everything, the Story of the Most Successful Female Group

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Back in 1996, Spice Girls sang “I’m giving you everything, all that joy I can bring”. And for so many years, the five girls gave their fans everything they had, every bit of themselves and invested themselves into the music. Spice Girls were pop icons in the 90s and the early 2000s.

In 2007, the group decided to make a reunion tour, to give their fans the last part of “their everything”. For the purpose of the reunion tour, the girls filmed a documentary called “Giving you everything”.

The documentary captures the story of one of the most successful British bands, with more than 50 million records sold, 9 UK No.1 hits and much more. From their earliest childhood days, and their dreams (for example, Mel C wanted to be a prima ballerina), to their most successful years as an all-female brand, take a look at the story behind the Spice Girls.

You might be surprised, but the only two girls who wanted to be singers in their childhood were Victoria and Geri. Victoria wanted to be a singer or a dancer, while Geri saw music as an escape from her reality. For the girls, one of their biggest success is the first time they performed in London, November 1996. The girls became the one turning the lights on, instead of being there as children with their parents watching the lights.

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