Spaniards Turn Against Bullfighting

Oct 23, 2023 | Animals, Sports, Videos

Bullfighting, a centuries-old tradition in Spain, has been facing a steep decline in recent years due to the growing awareness of animal welfare and the influence of environmental movements. This decreasing popularity has become very apparent over the last decade, with many towns and cities across Spain discontinuing its practice altogether.

An upcoming documentary seeks to investigate this trend and delve into what is at stake for this beloved cultural activity. ‘Bullfighting: The Chronicler’ showcases interviews with activists from both sides of the debate, giving viewers an insight into why bullfighting has started to lose ground in Spanish culture.

The film also explores the country’s history with bullfighting, delving into its ties to religion, politics, and economics that have kept it alive for so long. It certainly promises to be a fascinating story that will give audiences a deeper understanding of this controversial topic.

With stunning imagery capturing the untold stories behind the arena walls as well as poignant interviews from activists around Spain, ‘Bullfighting: The Chronicler’ is a must-watch documentary that sheds light on one of Spain’s most controversial traditions. Whether you are an avid supporter or against bullfighting altogether, you won’t want to miss watching this insightful look into one of Europe’s oldest pastimes.

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David B