In Spain, the recent uncovering of a baby trafficking scandal has rocked the nation. During the Spanish Civil War and for fifty years afterward, reports suggest that hundreds of thousands of newborns were stolen from their parents by nuns, priests and doctors, with the goal of selling them to prospective buyers. This terrible crime has had an immeasurable impact on those affected by it, and now a new documentary aims to explore this issue in greater detail.

The World’s Stolen Babies tells the story through the eyes of those who have been separated from their children or parents at birth, as well as those desperately trying to locate family members that they may never have even known existed. It offers an emotionally powerful look at how such a tragedy can reverberate across generations, changing lives forever.

This is more than just a exploration of a dark chapter in Spanish history – it’s an exploration into how the power of love can overcome injustice and suffering. For those who are directly affected by this tragedy, it serves as an opportunity to find closure and healing through discovering lost family members. Through interviews with victims and experts alike, this documentary paints a vivid picture of what life was like for many during this period in time.

The World’s Stolen Babies is sure to be an informative learning experience for viewers who want to better understand how such a massive baby theft operation could take place without being detected for so long. The documentary also shines light on how organizations around the world are working hard to reunite families separated by baby stealing scandals everywhere. This is a must-see documentary that documents the events leading up to and following one of Spain’s most shocking scandals. If you are interested in understanding what happened during this tumultuous period in Spanish history then you should definitely watch The Worlds Stolen Babies!