Spain: The Acid River I Toxic Tour

Jun 17, 2023 | Culture, People, Videos

The Rio Tinto in Andalusia has been a source of fascination for both tourists and scientists alike. Its waters are a deep blood red, due to their extreme levels of acidity which makes them inhospitable to most forms of life – particularly fish and other aquatic animals.

However, there is still much to marvel at when it comes to the Rio Tinto; its stunning crimson colour is one that could never be replicated in any other river or body of water. Despite its hostile environment, birds, microorganisms and even a rare species of shrimp have been known to inhabit its waters; giving the river an unexpected abundance of life.

But it is not only nature which has been drawn to this mysterious river – humans too have developed a strong fascination with the Rio Tinto. The area around the river has become popular among tourists who come from all over the world hoping to experience its unique beauty first-hand.

In order to further understand this incredible landscape, a documentary focusing on the Rio Tinto was released in 2019 titled ‘Rio Tinto: Life Amongst an Acidic Sea’. The film follows local residents and explores how they coexist with this extreme environment; highlighting their day-to-day lives as well as their astonishing methods for harvesting resources from the river’s depths.

If you’re looking for an unconventional insight into this peculiar region, then watching ‘Rio Tinto: Life Amongst an Acidic Sea’ is essential viewing. This captivating documentary offers audiences an eye-opening glimpse into an extraordinary piece of natural history; one that can never be experienced elsewhere in the world.

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David B