Space Exploration: Project Apollo & Zero Gravity Training | Trajectory

Dec 28, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

Looking back on humankind’s space exploration, we cannot help but be awed by the achievements made in the early decades. Although surrounded by a cloud of satellites, records set so long ago remain unsurpassed. In fact, it has been over four decades since the last person walked on the moon, and we no longer have reusable spacecraft.
That is why a documentary called “Trajectory” has been created to showcase key milestones of space exploration and recent advancements in space science and industry.
The film covers a range of topics such as the rebuilding of Project Apollo, which was resumed by NASA after a fatal accident in the Apollo 1 test, as well as more recent explorations such as the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, which monitors the Earth’s CO2 levels in unprecedented detail.
For those who have ever dreamed of experiencing zero gravity, “Trajectory” also explores the role parabolic flights play in weightlessness training.
This documentary is sure to intrigue both space enthusiasts and those who are merely curious about humanity’s reach into the final frontier. Don’t miss your chance to watch “Trajectory” and witness the latest in space science and exploration.

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David B