Soviet-Afghan War - How the US Helped the Afghan Muslims

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They say karma is not something you mess with. Americans learned that first hand, as they were the ones to suffer the damage from the work they did during the Soviet-Afghan War.

What many people around the world do not know is that the Soviet Union was the first to battle Afghanistan and the Mujahedeens. The war lasted for more than nine years, starting from December 1979 and lasting to February 1989.

The War started with a pro-Soviet government taking control of Afghanistan and installing modern reforms and radical moves across the country. The moves were not welcomed by the Muslims in Afghanistan, with more than 27,000 arrested and executed during the initial riots an protests.

The government had the support of the Soviet Union, but the Muslims had the support of the Western World. Mujahedeens opted for guerrilla war against the Soviet Union, a war that spread across 80% of Afghanistan.

The Soviet Union tried to eliminate rebels by using deadly air attacks, but it was all in vain. In January 1980, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution protesting a Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. With support from Pakistan, China, the United States and the Arab Monarchies, the Afghanistan Muslims managed to last for more than nine years.

With the arrival of Soviet president Michael Gorbachov in 1985, the Russian foreign policy changed. The Soviet began retrieving from Afghanistan, leaving the country to find its own way of installing democracy. And since history repeats itself, several years later, it was the Americans who tried to install democracy in Afghanistan, losing thousands of soldiers.

The documentary takes you through the nine year-long battle between the Soviet and the Muslim rebels.

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